External responsible ZfP/NDT

  • External responsible NDT level 3 activity
  • Organization qualifying and certification of testing staff
  • Issuing and monitoring of testing procedures and test instructions
  • Preparation of process and testing instructions in accordance with customer requirements
  • Preparation of approval regulation in accordance with EN 4179
  • Issuing of statement for calibration specifications for non-destructive testing (ZfP/NDT)
  • Procedural review
  • Inspector qualifications
  • Additional training for NDT Level 3 inspectors: Requires additional training in case of failed qualification attempt, pending repetition of the exam
  • Trainer for test processes involving directly-reading measuring devices
  • Certification requirements
  • Comparing customer requirements in lieu of optimization of testing specifications
  • Conducting internal and customer audits
  • Design and planning of a ZfP/NDT plant
  • Design of an NDT plant according to the options available
  • Planning of process-workflow in line with customer requirements
  • Professional inquiries support for inquiries for manufacturers.
  • Acceptance of the NDT installation

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